A detailed inspection is key.

The first steps to taking back control of your home is scheduling an inspection.
We will identify where the Mould may reside and recommend
the best methods of attack.

Learn more about our process below.


Dublins Mould Inspection, Testing and Removal Contractor

Don’t waste countless hours, cleaning and sanitizing only to find that the Mould has grown back the following week. if you have a Mould problem chances are it’s roots will have penetrated deeper into surface it’s growing on, much further then you will be able to reach. Booking an inspection with us is a simple process.

mould inspection dublin

Booking a Mould Inspection

mould inspector

When you book an inspection with us. One of our technicians will come and complete a full assessment of your home and the affected area.

We look for Key Indicators during our assessment which allow Moulds to grow and thrive. The root cause being an excessive moisture build-up.

Book a Mould Inspection

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What's involved in a Mould Inspection?

We employ a number of techniques and have specialised equipment at our disposal during our inspection to help give a comprehensive evaluation of the problem.

  1. Visual Inspections
  2. Moisture Meters
  3. Infrared cameras and thermal imaging
  4. Air Quality testing
  5. Sample collection (Air/Surface)
  6. Lab testing

Once fully classified what mould we are dealing with we can then start to recommend and plan to put in place a comprehensive plan and the best way tackle it effectively and eliminate it fully from your home.

mould inspection thermal imaging