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Early detection and prevention of Mould is critical.


How to get rid of Mould

The best tactic to use in fighting the growth of Mould and Mildew is always early preventative measures. It will save you heartache and potentially alot of money down the line.

Aim to keep areas dry and free of excessive moisture. Especially in areas which are more prone for Mould growth, like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

It’s critical to tackle Mould and Mildew growth and get rid of it as soon as you notice it. As a general rule, it’s not recommended that you use chemical disinfectants and biocides to routinely keep Moulds in check, this does not solve the root cause of the problem and may present more health risks then actual benefits through increased exposure and the potential to aggravate the Mould into the circulating air.

Although, there are some common cleaners such as household bleach which can be used on areas lightly affected by Mould or Mildew growth, there are also more natural methods like tea tree oil which can also be utilised if the Mould has not penetrated too deeply.

how to get rid of mould

We recommend, before you undertake any work trying to get rid of Moulds using chemical sprays, cleaning agents or biocides, to ensure that you are working in a well ventilated area wearing the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as Rubber Gloves, Goggles and a Face mask.

This is necessary to avoid the inhalation of toxic fumes from these chemical cleaners and also the Mould spores and Mycotoxins which can become airborne when they are disturbed; becoming poisonous if they are inhaled or ingested.

How to get rid of Mould permanently

While Mildew can often be removed yourself using common cleaning agents like bleach with significant results. However if there is a Mould infestation it is unlikely to stay gone forever. This is due to Moulsds ability to penetrate deep beneath the surface it’s growing on.

If left untreated Mould can rapidly spread to other areas in your home and even cause severe damage to the structural integrity of a property, it is also associated with some pretty scary health effects.

The safest way to get rid of a Mould problem and eiliminate it for good is calling in an experienced professional who will identify the root problem, they will determine the most suitable methods for removal and work with the customer to get rid of the Mould quickly and safely.


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