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Black Mould. Is it Toxic?

Black Mould has the ability to produce some nasty health effects, espeically if you remain in constant contact with it.


What is Black Mould?

Moulds are a type of fungus. There are no sole species defined to be “Black Moulds” as many other types and species can also be black in their appearance. When you hear the scare stories of people talking about deadly toxins released through Black Mould Removal they may be referring to the common species called Stachbotrys chartarum which is identified to form in blackish green spots/clusters in areas of high moisture, warmth and poor ventilation.

black mould on roof

Black mould is typically associated with a damp earthy or musty smell coming from a room or area within your home. If you smell Mould and there are no visual signs, it’s likely you have a much deeper problem then anticipated, if left untreated can worsen significantly over a short period of time. Our comprehensive Black Mould removal and cleaning process will ensure all signs of the problem is stopped for good.

The colour of a Mould is a good indicator of it’s maturity. Black Moulds are considered older and are usually well established on the surface they are surviving on.


Dangers of Black Mould

Not all Moulds are created equal, this is particularly relevant when discussing the dangers of Black Moulds, there are a few species commonly found in peoples homes which have the ability to produce poisonous Mycotoxins, these include Stachbotyrs, Aureobasidium and Ulocladium.

The molecules called Mycotoxins can easily become airborne when Black Mould is disturbed and are associated with health problems and even allergic reactions when inhaled, especially with people who may have an underlying sensitivity to them. Immediate Black Mould removal can reduce the risk of you contracting an illness from Mould exposure.

It’s important to note that other colours and types of Moulds can also produce Mycotoxins, not just black moulds, however when they grow to reach levels that cause problems with peoples health they have matured considerably


Arrange a Black Mould Removal

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Black Mould Removal

Because of the associated dangers, a Black Mould problem in a home or commercial property is best left to the experts to remove safely. Common places for black Mould to grow include Ceilings, Walls, Cabinets and Drywall.

Black Moulds ability to penetrate deep beneath the surface its growing results in a tricky and complex problem to remove effectively on your own. Without the use of specialised equipment and a comprehensive assessment it is near impossible to find the underlying cause.

Tackling Mould can also be extremely hazardous to human health as you aggravate more spores into the environment and may enable the proliferation of Mould in other areas to grow.

Give us a call on 01-592-6771 to arrange a Black Mould Removal or if you are concerned that you have Black Mould in your home and are looking for advice. After the Black Mould removal process, the area will be tested to ensure all traces of the organism have been removed.

Prevent Black Mould from Growing

Once Black Mould is removed, A long-term strategy to employ in preventing Mould from growing is to keep humidity down and any areas that have high moisture are kept as dry as possible.

Any small black spots that appear in bathrooms or kitchens are removed quickly using chemical cleaners. Remove any materials that are prone to absorbing moisture like dirty towels or carpets and ensure extractor fans and air vents are kept clean and free from debris.

                     Remember, Moulds love to grow in dark, dirty and damp places.

black mould on walls

We have a crew of trained professionals who know the tell-tale signs of a Mould problem. We will organise a specialist to come to your home and assess the issue, locate the root cause and ensure the Black Moulds removed completely, giving you peace of mind so you no longer have to worry about the Moulds potential health effects on you, or your family.