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​We identify the true problem.

The use of 3rd party laboratory testing facility in Dublin allows us to identify exactly what type of Mould species we are dealing with, allowing us to employ the most effective method for it’s removal.


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Are you suffering from respiratory problems like Coughing, Wheezing or Asthma? Here at mould-removal.ie we provide air and surface Mould Testing services to identify if you have a problem with Mould spores or other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) circulating in the air you breathe. VOC’s can also include tiny molecules like pet dander or allergens which are not visible to the human eye.

The benefit in knowing what micro-organism is present in your home means we can then suggest the most effective method for it’s removal.


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​We have a 3rd party accredited laboratory at our disposal to test the air and surface samples we collect and identify the true nature of the problem.

We can accurately calculate the quantity of these molecules in the air and whether it is potentially a toxic form of Mould.

Taking the guess work out of Mould identification through testing fast-tracks our ability to understand the problem and how we can remove it and eliminate it permanently.

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How do i get my Mould Tested?

Usually our experienced team in the field can pinpoint exactly what type of Mould problem you are dealing with through one of our comprehensive visual inspections.

We can also often get a good indication and provide some guidance through pictures. We are happy to answer any questions you may have on Mould testing or identification through our contact form. 

We recommend if you are buying a new home or property that has a Mould problem to get it further tested and identified first. This can prove an extremely useful tool to negotiate the price down further and may prevent a bigger heartache down the line if the Mould has penetrated deep into the surface it’s growing on.


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