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Mould or Mold?

 What the hell is Mould and why is it in my home? Find out more below.


What is Mould?

So what is Mould anyway? Moulds are a type of multicellular fungus. They are part of a hugely diverse and complex family tree. In nature they play a key role in bio-degradation of organic materials, however Moulds can be troublesome and unwanted when they are discussed in the context of food spoilage or damage to property and human health.

Common types of Mould

what is mould, food mould
what is black mould
what is green mould

Like most things in nature, Mould can creep it’s way into homes eventually. They love to grow in areas of high moisture, humidity and darkness and typically will thrive in bathrooms, attics and crawl spaces.

In small doses Moulds are generally harmless to human health, however when they begin to grow in large colonies within your home and you remain in constant contact with them that’s when they can begin to cause problems.

When Moulds are disturbed they have the ability to release spores into the air, this is their form of reproduction to spread and allow for further growth.

In some types of Moulds when their spores are released they have the potential to spread deadly particles called Mycotoxins along with them. When inhaled these Mycotoxins are poisonous to humans and animals and are associated with numerous health problems and respiratory conditions especially to people who are naturally more sensitive to these organisms.

Where does Mould Grow?

Windows, doors and air vents are all perfect places for Mould spores to begin growing and spreading. Mould spores can also be brought in by plants, pets, and even through people’s clothing.

Once they find a suitable dark damp and humid place Moulds will burst into life and can grow at astonishingly fast rates. Porous materials like wood, paper and upholstery are perfect homes to allow Mould to start growing. 

This is key in understanding why Moulds need to be eliminated quickly and prevent further growth and damage to your property or possessions.

mould growing on skirting board

Discovered Mould in your home?

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Identifying Mould in your home

What is Mould? and how to identify it:

  1. Visible Mould spores growing in your home
  2. Damp, Musty smell coming from an area or room in your home
  3. Feeling ill or have a lingering cold along with flu-like symptoms
  4. Paint bubbling
  5. Respiratory problems (Asthma, shortness of breath, coughing)
  6. Areas that have constant high moisture and humidity levels (laundry rooms, bathrooms)

We are here to help! If you suspect there is Mould growing in your home it’s likely to have been growing there for some time. Schedule a call with us at 01-222-8452 or start by filling out our contact form.

We guarantee we can eliminate your Mould problems and allow you to take a breath of fresh air again.