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We provide expert Mould removal services in Duiblin and across all of Leinster. We guarantee to locate the source of your Mould problem and can assure we will eliminate it for good.

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Dublins local Mould Removal & Remediation Contractor

If you suspect there is Mould growing in your home it’s best to seek professional assistance as soon as possible.

Trying to remove the mould yourself may make the problem much worse then it already is, as spores can easily be spread to other areas of your property when disturbed.

 Cleaning and sanitising Mould is not a permanent solution in identifying and solving the root cause permanently.

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Mould Removal Process

After the initial inspection, our contractor will be able to explain the extent of your problem in plain english which is easy to understand, and be able to provide an estimate for how much the job will cost. We don’t use scare tactics or complicated sales pitches to sell our services. The initial inspection is important to identify the root cause of the problem, so that when the Mould is removed it’s eliminated permanently.

When the job is undertaken by one of our skilled contractors we take particular care and attention to avoid exposure, inhalation and the further spread of microscopic Mould spores throughout your home.

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During the removal process, we will fully seal the area off and wear all of the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The customer and our staffs health & safety is our primary concern.

We will physically remove the Mould using antimicrobial agents and abrasives. Any contaminated Mouldy material will also be removed and disposed of responsibly.

Once Mould is fully removed from the source, if needed we can utilise specialised equipment like High Efficiency Particulate Air vacuums (HEPA) and Dehumidifiers to clean the air and remove any Mould spores still present in the environment.

Immediate Mould Removal

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Why is Immediate Mould Removal important?

If the cause of a Mould problem is related to building faults like leaky pipes, rising damp or is present deeper in the building structure materials it’s recommended to get specialist help.

If Moulds are allowed to grow and spread they can penetrate deeper and deeper into the surface they are living on, leading to permanent structural damage and are also be associated with a number of different respiratory health effects.

Book a Mould Removal process with us and our experts will come and inspect your property for the tell-tale signs of Mould, Mildew and Damp related problems.

Many contractors offer various different services within this sector, we focus on what we are good at. Permanent Mould Removal from peoples homes.

We are based just outside of Dublin and have specialist contractors across all of Leinster. We will aim to respond to you within 24hrs. Contact us.

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