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Mildew is definitely not as big of a problem as Mould, but it could be an indicator of a deeper rooted problem present in your home.


What is Mildew?

What is Mildew? Mildew is another type of fungus which is closely related to MouldMildew is identified by its generally white to grey appearance ranging in shades of white and grey and physically powdery or dusty in appearance. 

What is Mildews requirements to grow:

  1. A food source like paper, wood, clothing or any organic material
  2. Moisture
  3. Warmth
mildew on wall

When air is heated it gains the ability to hold more moisture (humidity). When this hot air comes into contact with a cold surface such as a ceiling or wall it condenses and will form into droplets.

This build-up of moisture on a surface in combination with warm air circulating in a room results in the perfect conditions for mildew growth.

What's the difference between Mould & Mildew?

While Mould and Mildew are both types of fungus. Mildew is definitely known to be the lesser of two evils. Mildew typically grows in wet areas but will only grow on the surface of its host material without penetrating down further.

​They can be identified by having a powdery look and range in colour from light grey to dark gray and brown clusters.


what is mildew

Discovered Mildew in your home?

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How do you control Mildew growth?

The best way to control Mildew growth is by eliminating heat and moisture in combination together. Dehumidifiers or air conditioning units can often be used with good results, although they do have  limitations as they require the ability to circulate the indoor air in full cycles, for lengthy periods of time.

A dehumidifiers effectiveness will drastically be reduced if left in a constant state of high moisture such as a bathroom or shower room.

Mildew can also be cleaned and removed using specialized mildew removers which include some common cleaning products and alternative natural ones.

We recommend that if you have a persistent mildew infestation that regularly returns, it could point to you having a high spore count in your home’s air which could readily spread further to other rooms.

We often check homes for what is Mildew infestation, where upon further inspection is actually a more serious Mould problem and requires a more comprehensive treatment and removal procedure.

If your unsure if you have a Mildew or Mould problem and are worried it could be effecting your health please contact us or ring using the number above. We would be happy to see how we can be of assistance.