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Learn About the Different Types of Mould

Whether it’s Black Mould, Green Mould or any other colour or type for that matter, the team here at mould-removal.ie have got you covered. There are over 100,000 types and species of Moulds which makes it nearly impossible to identify what type exactly you may have growing in your home without lab testing.  We use specialised techniques and have a host of state of the art equipment at our disposal, to not only identify what type of mould you have but also find the best method to remove it for good.

learn about different types of mould

Root Causes

leak in roof lead to mould

Ultimately the root cause of a Mould problem within someones property is down to excess moisture caused by an active leak or accumulation of water in an area. Leaky Pipes, water damage or a source of humidity can spark Moulds to grow very easily. We often find Mould can be hidden beneath flooring or behind walls.

Checking Attics, Basements and crawlspaces regularly can save you potentially alot of money down the line, 90% of Mould related problems go un-noticed until they reach a stage where they can no longer be controlled by conventional means and will require professional treatment and remediation.

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