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Find out essential information on Green Mould below and what to do if you find it in your home.


What is Green Mould?

Moulds are a broad family of fungus. Green Mould can refer to many species within this family. They can be soft and fuzzy in appearance. Green Mould is often associated with it’s growth on fruits and vegetables when the organic matter starts to decay.

Alot of species can turn green, these include members of the Aspergillus, Penicillum and Cladosprium families. 


green mould on petri
Classification of Green Mould is quite difficult, where inspection and testing are the only concrete methods for true identification.
Green Mould can crop up anywhere in your home where there is an excess moisture problem, water leak or a dark, dirty, humid area that’s left uncleaned.
Booking a Green Mould Removal and Cleaning job with us will ensure that all traces of mould is and treated effectively and removed for good.

Dangers of Green Mould

All moulds regardless if they are Green, Black or Pink have the potential to cause health problems and illnesses, particularly in people who have a sensitivity. Long term exposure in an indoor environment like a person’s home will amplify any negative effects as spores can build up and circulate in the air.

The type of Green Mould that is growing determines its potential health effects. Certain species of Cladosporium can irritate and damage your skin. While members of the Aspergillus family are toxic and allergenic. Moulds can also be pathogenic and attack peoples immune systems. Which is a cause for concern if there is someone living in the environment with a compromised immune system. Green Mould removal without the help of a professional can be hazardous.

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Green Mould Removal

Small areas affected by Green Mould can generally be cleaned through washing the area and treating with an anti-mould or anti-fungal cleaner and sealer.

However, it is not recommended to tackle large Green Mould removal jobs yourself, as you will likely make the problem much worse. Tiny microscopic spores can and will be spread when they are disturbed, you may also be exposing yourself to inhaling these spores and Mycotoxins as they become airborne.

If you discover a large Green Mould problem, then consult the experts and give us a call. We have a combined 20 years experience in the industry on how to the most effective Green Mould removal processes and how to permanently eliminate from peoples home. When it comes to Mould, we have seen it all.